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$17.00 + $7.50 S&H

Works well with vertical-attach hidden-hanger tailpieces, AND with
Kay-Type tailpieces, where the hanger loops THROUGH
the tailpiece, front-to-back.

Hangers with threaded posts don't work as well with Kay-type tailpieces.
The posts must be left sticking out the front of the tailpiece, creating a
potential for ripping bass-bag linings, and detracting from appearance.

Also, unlike post-connect hangers, this one can be adjusted to ANY length,
for positioning your tailpiece closer to the bridge, or farther from it.

Made from HMWPE (high molecular weight polyethylene) fiber, with a
multi-filament polypropylene cover over it, including a special finish
for added wear-resistance.

This cable has a tensile strength of 2900 pounds. It is a low-stretch equivalent to wire rope,
but with seven times less weight.

This cable ties with a simple Carrick Bend knot.

We advise installaton by a Luthier, but if you feel competent to deal
with removing your tailpiece, you don't need to be a sailor, Boy Scout,
or fisherman to get this knot tied easily and correctly.

Easy-to-tie step-by-step (with illustrations) printed knot instructions are included.
(Below is a short animation of how it's done.)

To tie a Carrick Bend:

Begin with an underhand loop in the first line.

Bring the second line under the loop in the first line and the up over the standing part of the first.

Next bring the second line UNDER the bitter end of the first line
and then begin to cross over the loop in the first.

Before crossing over the loop, dip the bitter end of the second line into the loop in
the first and pass under its own standing part and then back up out of the loop.

Tighten it up.

Not so hard, now IS it!