Revolution Solo-II by Clef 
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Double Bass Pickup
$189.00 + $10.00 Priority Mail Shipping, USA ONLY

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$189.00 + $22.00 Priority Mail International Shipping

 To hear a sound sample, by Jimmy Miller from Florida, click *HERE*
  • Natural Sound
  • Feedback Resistant
  • Easy Installation
  • Picks up fingerboard clicks when playing slap-bass

This pickup is renowned for it's natural sound, partially because of it's  all-wood vibration path to the piezo crystal.   

The Revolution SOLO II Double Bass Pickup has been organically constructed to accurately reproduce the natural sound of your bass. 

Each pickup is handmade with European Spruce. 

It is not constructed of heavy sound-deadening materials such as metal, rubber or epoxy found in nearly all other bass pickups.  

Its simple Patented design provides clarity and accuracy from tonal center of your bass.  As a result of the natural composition of the pickup, it will not change the acoustic sound of your instrument, nor will it interfere with your basses setup.  The Revolution Solo II is a “transparent” pickup, meaning that it sounds like which ever bass it’s installed on. 

The Revolution Solo II Double Bass Pickup does not presuppose that a player’s primary need in a pickup is a “big bass” tone. 

Instead, the Revolution Solo II Bass Pickup allows for consistent mid and high ranges as well as a clear, booming low-end sound.  

If you are searching for natural tone and realistic presence, experience The Revolution SOLO II Double Bass Pickup. The only double bass pickup that is aesthetically and tonally true to your double bass.

Revolution Solo RS-I 
Jack Mounting holds a straight guitar-cord vertical, behind the tailpiece.  The common and sorry "String-Mounted Jack" is not used in this design.  The jack will not create after-damping of the strings, and (most importantly) will not allow your guitar-cord to lever the jack out from between the strings during a show. 

The Solo's casing is thicker than any existing bridge-wing pickup.  

So if you have an existing wing-mounted pickup, you can install the Solo into the same wing opening, without a shim. Simply sand it to fit the same opening your old pickup was in!


Installation instructions and sandpaper are included with each pickup. You can see online instructions by clicking *HERE*.