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Revolution Solo double bass pickup by Clef
HBSS-Black3_small.jpg (29489 bytes) Hillbilly Slap Strings for Upright Bass
Bodhran Bag Bodhran Bag - Trailpak-II 18.5"
gb320mandobag.jpg (20872 bytes) Boulder Alpine Mandolin Gig Bag for F-style Mandolins
Trailpak-II Mandolin Bag
Trailpak-II Mandolin Bag for A-body mandolins
Clef Restorative Cleanser & Polish - Instrument Polish
Gutlube1.jpg (108070 bytes) Tradition Gut Lube - Preservative oil for Gut Strings
Clef HiTec Tailpiece Hanger cords for Double Bass
MP-12.jpg (18813 bytes)Mandolin Picks 

Handmade Braided Mandolin Straps

Shubb Capos (Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo)

Banjo Accessories