Hillbilly Slap String Sound Sample


Website music samples of instruments or strings are best listened to through headphones, rather than computer speakers. This is especially true when bass-response is important.

If your computer speakers don't have a headphone jack, then you would do well to unplug your speakers from your soundcard and plug a set of headphones directly to the soundcard before listening to this sample.

The sample is supplied by Jimmy Miller, in Florida.

It is pure bass, no other instruments, 47 seconds long. It features 14 seconds of straight pizzicato, and the rest is slap bass.

The recording was done using the following equipment:

Upton Jazz/Bluegrass bass
Hillbilly Slap Strings
Revolution Solo pickup
Whirlwind Imp-2 direct box
M-Audio Audiophile 2496 sound card

You can stream it in by clicking **HERE** or you can download it then play it back by clicking **HERE**.  This is a 750K sample.

If playback is jerky, due to your system playing it back faster than your connection can stream it in, you'd do best to download it all, then play it locally.